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Juan Manuel Fangio:

“El Chueco” was born the 24 of June of 1911 in the city of San José de Balcarce. With 25 years old, the 25 of October of 1936 disputed his first competition in an automobile with a reformed rent car that the father of a friend lent to him. From there he developed an impressive sport race that took him to Formula 1, in where participated in 51 Grand Prix; obtained 28 pole position, 24 victories and 5 world championships.

Juan Manuel Fangio Car Racing Museum:

It is located in downtown and was inaugurated the 22 of November of 1986 in an old building that dates from 1906 where throughout the years placed the City Hall of Balcarce and the Industrial High School.

Destined to have the history of national and international motoring, this museum offers a particular exhibition of trophies, cars, decorations, photography and recognitions that constitute the sport patrimony of Juan Manuel Fangio.

In its interior, it is acceded to six thematic levels through a helical incline, that allow to pass not only thru Fangio`s history but also the history of Argentinean and international motoring car race history.

The museum also shows motoring not only like a sport discipline but like an Argentine passion. Has more than 50 cars, the majority original and several reconstructed in the Museum of the Automobile Foundation. Each car has an interesting history, reviewed in indicative posters and flood of emblematic models of the motoring sport history.

In addition to Juan Manuel Fangio, the museum also makes reference to other great pilots who honoured in the automotive sport like the brothers Oscar and Juan Gálvez, the Emiliozzi brothers, Carlos Alberto Reutemann, Juan Manuel Bordeu, Juan Maria Traverso and Roberto Mouras between many others.
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Juan Manuel Fangio Circuit:

In a short distance from downtown, nailed in the northwest size of the Mountain range La Barrosa, take place this great engineering work that was inaugurated on January 16th, 1972.

This automobile race track is known by important competitions that take place there and also for having a beautiful panoramic view from its natural tribunes that the slope of the mountain range conforms. From there is possible to be observed practically the 4,952.50 meters that has of extension the circuit and also the countryside that surrounds the city of Balcarce.