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Motoring National Celebration:

This is the most important local festivity developed in Balcarce that takes place every year during several days in February. This celebration has exhibitions of sport cars, classic, old, tuning and of competition, with the participation of invited clubs and national and international sport motoring drivers.

This event constitutes an excellent occasion to see vehicles of all classes, programmme that is completed with a parade of race and collection cars, in addition to thematic conferences that offer recognized drivers and car builders, also allusive photographic show and pictorial exhibitions.

The election of the Motoring Queen is carried out in an artistic show that takes place in the Amphitheatre "Roberto Cambaré" of the Cerro El Triunfo, where also appear famous national and local artists during a popular concert.

During this celebration also gives the Juan Manuel Fangio Award to the national champions of the previous season and the Juan Manuel Bordeu Award to the zonal motoring champions. It is completed with a colourful musical spectable outdoors, stands of colectivity, crafts and great traditional gastronomy.
Sports Awards:

With the intention to entertain the local sportsmen, the Undersecretary's Office of Sports and Recreation of the Municipality of Balcarce, next to local sport journalists, make in the month of January a celebration destined to those people who during the year in evaluation developed different sport activities and harvested profits in their specialties. A special commission is in charge to make the short lists and the analysis of each case in individual, according to the reached profits.

The award for each specialty takes the name of "Fangio de Plata" -Silver Fangio´s Award-, giving also the "Fangio de Oro" -Gold Fangio´s Award- to the most outstanding sportsman of the year.
Sports Awards...
Dessert Celebration:

For those people who love candies and the famous dessert that have the name of the city, the Direction of Tourism of the Municipality of Balcarce organizes a unique opportunity every August, which objective is to rescue and to promote the desserts that are identify with traditional gastronomy in Balcarce.

It is a two days celebration with a dessert aid in which participate more than thirty different preparations than are flavor and presentation judged. After the jury chooses the best dessert, the cookers offer their products for the delight of the visitors.

There are many activities during this celebration. Some of them are the aid of decoration, local and regional dessert tasting, conferences and varied spectacles of music, song and theater.
Mar y Sierras Parade for Carnival:

This popular celebration is organized by the Undersecretary's Office of Culture and Education of the Municipality of Balcarce every year during February and summons “comparsas” and carnival dancing groups from the region in order to offer to the public a spectacular parade with magnificent dresses and music. This is a two consecutive nights long celebration.