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La Brava Lagoon :

On route 226, way to the city of Mar del Plata, takes place the La Brava Lagoon that constitutes a water mirror of 420 hectares whose depth oscillates between the 4 and 6 meters. It is rich in flora and wild fauna.

As much the lagoon as the villa invites to spend a day in contact with the nature. The villa can be visited with the simple objective to pass a day outdoors, combining water and mountain ranges, or the stroll can be taken advantage of to make diverse activities that offer the located complexes to the side of the lagoon as it fishes embarked, kayak, wind-surf, trekking, mountain bike and horse ride.

The dusks with the landscape of the lagoon and the mountain range of La Brava are unforgivable in this place where are great homemade delights.
Idoyaga Molina Park:

To 20 kilometres of the city of Balcarce, in the locality of San Agustín, is this beautiful natural park of 19 hectares crossed by the Malacara Creek that offers natural pools. The park has a delimited area for camping, swimming pool for children, medical facilities, furnaces, grills and store.