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The desserts are the most appraised things in Balcarce because has the legacy of masterful confectioners and dessert cookers of first level in the nation. Recognized gastronomies prescription that are famous in all the country, like its famous authentic dessert from Balcarce, exquisite combination of ingredients with base of sponge cake, meringue, “dulce de leche”, whipped cream, grated cocunut, powder vanilla, “marrons glacés”, nuts, praline cream, almond paste and powdered sugar for the icing, which in many cases has an imprint of the first letter of the place where it is produced. The result is a singular taste, typical of homemade desserts. The secret of this pie is in the quality of the raw materials and in not using food additives.

At the beginning, the dessert would be know as "Imperial" and its history dates back to the days of the pastry-shop called París, owned by Guillermo Talou. Afterwards, the trademark was sold to a company from Mar del Plata, where it was renamed "Postre Balcarce", due to its origin.

The dessert may be purchased at some pastry-shops in Balcarce and it is a dish always present in the menus al the city bars and restaurants, where customers may order a piece of this delicious cake.

But the sweet flavor is not only present in this dessert. Balcarce has an excellent proposal of confectioneries that elaborate “alfajores”, chocolats, caramels, liqours and many other desserts that have the common denominator of the quality of their natural ingredients.