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The mountain landscape in the County of Balcarce offers an excellent scene to make activities of adventure like strolls or riding on a bicycle, trekking and climbing.

The Mountain range La Barrosa is one of the elevations that can be see from Balcarce´s downtown. Not just descrying it, the travellers choose to discover it and to simply enjoy it in mountain biking or on foot. In this way, the contact with the nature is deeper and, by means of a small effort, incredible panoramic views can be reached, impossible to glimpse of another way. This mountain range is located to the south of the city of Balcarce and almost on the urban plant. It reaches a height of 335 meters and has tubular form, presenting plateau and walls. In one of his slopes is nailed the Juan Manuel Fangio Automobile race track.

Another possibility is the visit to El Mirador, a stroll on the skirt of the Mountain range the La Barrosa that can be done in automobile enjoying the landscaping diversity panoramic views of the city and the environs (streets 40 and 55)

One of the more elevated rocky formation of the county is Sierra Bachicha with its 384 meters. It presents tubular form with a steep cliff in all his surroundings. In its composition appears a rock of great geologic interest; that has a granular limestone bank of three meters of thickness in his South-eastern side.

Cinco Cerros constitutes a common group with 323 meters of height and is located in proximities of the INTA. It presents extended form and it has a length of 6 kilometres. This mountain knot can be observed totally and also its high hills that skirts from route 226 in the direction of Tandil .

Sierra La Chata is an ample plateau of 100 hectares with a height of 357 meters in the middle. This mountain range is provided with a surrounded lagoon and by cliff almost totally difficult; reason for which the neighbors took refuge there when an invasion of Indians announced in the 19th century.

To the west of Balcarce is the Sierra Amarante, that has little extension but with dentate summit. Its top reaches 361 meters and combines tubular and conical forms.

Sierra Larga is the most extensive cord of the Vulcania System. This mountain bulk had at other great times mounts of “curros” and by him the Bachicha creek slips. In the zone, we find the Cerro El Sombrero and the Cerro El Bonete, both to the south of Sierra Larga.

Other important rocky formation are Cerro El Moro, Sierra La Brava, Cerro Pulino, Sierra La Vigilancia, Sierra el Volcán, Cerro Los Pinos, Sierra San José y Cerros San Martín and La Virgen.